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How Hypnosis Can Help You


At NYC Prime Hypnosis we can help you to stop smoking, relieve stress, feel more confident and with the help of hypnosis in New York you will benefit from our certified hypnotist and self-hynosis programs and CDs.

Our hypnotist, Michael Twomey is a Professional Hypnotist and Counselor living in NYC with his wife, Maggie.

He is also an expert Ezine Author. To view all articles written by Michael Twomey, please visit

We help clients
make Powerful Changes in their Lives. By combining Classical Direct and Ericksonian Hypnosis with NLP, EFT, Energy Work along with Counseling, clients can start to change habits and beliefs and really take back control of their lives!  
We specialize in helping clients to become Non Smokers, Building Self-Esteem and Confidence and guiding them to Resolve Relationship Issues. 

How does Hypnosis work ?

Hypnosis works by helping you to Build a Powerful Team between Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind so you can notice a Change in the way you think and feel about yourself.

Hypnosis can help you to BE Your BEST SELF !

Hypnosis is the
BEST WAY for you to make Positive and Lasting Changes because we work WITH the Subconscious Mind ( instead of against it ) . The Subconscious Mind is where habits are created and stored and so we go to the very source and make Powerful Changes that Benefit you.

What we offer:

We help you to Take Control of Your HABITS!
  • Stop smoking Become a Non-smoker! Give Yourself and those around you the ULTIMATE GIFT! A Longer and Healthier Life!
  • Confidence, Self Esteem and Self Image Feel Better about Yourself and Become More Confident!
  • Stress Management Learn to Manage Your Stress! ( so it doesn't manage you )
  • Relaxation Learn to REALLY Relax and you may find yourself ENJOYing Your Life More!
  • Improve Relationships Learn to REALLY Connect! Improve Your Communication Skills and REALLY Understand What is Being Said! ( and not said )
    Hypnosis can also be considered an agreement.
    I promise to do my best to help you to get the results you want with hypnosis and you need to promise to have an open mind and to follow the helpful suggestions. As long as you follow the helpful suggestions you can and will be a non-smoker, with minimal cravings,weight gain or irritability associated with dreaded “cold turkey” quitting. Will power is NOT the POWERFUL part of your mind that can help you to make a PERMANENT LASTING CHANGE !!!!

    Imagine a smoother transition, through Hypnosis, from smoker to the non-smoker that you are now.

    Why Will Hypnosis work for me?

    Did you know that before the age of SEVEN you were totally vulnerable to all kinds of negative suggestions and influences ? That is because the “critical factor of your conscious mind” had not developed yet.This is one reason why children tend to learn languages easier and soak up information like a sponge!


    The downside to this is that their minds were open to ANYTHING! Anything whether
    good, bad or ugly------any word, gesture, action or experience that was interpreted as hurtful can leave it's emotional scars behind.These emotional scars can continue to negatively affect how you think and feel about yourself and your interactions with others.

    Through Hypnosis we open that doorway and clear up past misunderstandings, resolved issues and free yourself of this emotional weight and baggage. Then the doorway becomes more clear about what you will allow and NOT allow in your mind, so you become more Calm and Centered and Grounded because you deal with your issues more effectively and more creatively.

    Contact us and find out how this negative impact and conflict can be resolved through the use of Hypnosis. We will gently yet effectively Communicate with the “ gate keeper ” or “ bouncer ” of your mind. The part of you that GUARDS the Doorway into your Subconscious Mind. This “ gate keeper ” acts like a soccer or hockey goalie and we come to an agreement with this "gate keeper" send them out to watch a fun movie which leaves the goal/your subconscious mind open to POWERFUL SUGGESTIONS of CHANGE !

    Stop being a SLAVE to your PAST and learn how you can

    RESOLVE ISSUES and MOVE ON with your life !

    What we offer at NYC Prime Hypnosis


    BE a NON-SMOKER in as little as two sessions. Those who achieve the best results come into the Hypnosis session with the Correct Mental Attitude and Correct Reason for wanting to quit smoking. “I LIKE this and I KNOW it is going to work for me!”  “I want to take back control of my life!”


    Avoid dangerous dieting and
    discover how you can safely attain and maintain your goals by first finding out WHY you were overeating and then increasing your desire and motivation to exercise and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Feel better about your weight and self-image while doing all that you can to change and improve what is possible.
    Ongoing Hypnosis sessions recommended.


    Learn how you can be more calm and relaxed. Most experts agree this can improve your health!


    Increase your Self Esteem and BE MORE CONFIDENT in all areas of your life including with the opposite sex. A healthy sex life can benefit your physical and mental health and can lead to greater Self Confidence, which can lead to a healthier sex life, which can boost your Self Confidence, which can improve.


    Improve Relationships or even find NEW ones by learning HOW to COMMUNICATE BETTER (including BODY LANGUAGE and more Dynamic listening skills. ) LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, SECURITY are some of the qualities and emotions that just about every living creature strives for.


    Discover, Re-Awaken and increase talents and skills in various areas of your life. What were you meant to do with YOUR LIFE!? Find out Today! Through SHAMAN JOURNEYS and HUNA techniques you can find the HIDDEN Meaning in Your Life!

    What would it be like if took that nagging clock and emotional blockages and
    replaced them with an Accurate Compass, Warming Torch, and your own Voice Of Intuition and Experience that you can Trust...that could help you to FIND YOUR WAY and Feel Your Inner Light and Warmth, even in the coldest darkest hours of confusion and misery.

    We can help you to
    Take control of YOUR habits and
    take back control of YOUR LIFE!
    Please contact us at
    212 964 4450
    Book a session NOW or start SAVING EVEN MORE by getting a package!
    New York City, NY

    ^^^^ Sadly, too all of Michael's Patients and Friends ... Michael has
    transitioned to a better place. Loved by us all, he sadly passed
    on this November 2014. He will be deeply missed.


    We sometimes take Medical Referrals to work TOGETHER with on-going treatment. Supplementing ongoing treatment ( not substituting for Medical treatment ) However, we Make No Claims to Diagnose or Cure Diseases or Medical or Psychological Conditions. We simply show you Powerful Ways to Relax and Take Control of Your Habits. So if you have been diagnosed with any of the following conditions ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Phobias, etc. ) we'll simply do our best to help to ease the stress so you can better cope with your life. We would do this in CO-OPERATION with your Doctors, Psychologists,Therapists, etc. Please! The more Honest you are with us, the better we can help. Thank You!